Request donations in lieu of flowers

Many people often ask their family and friends to make donations to Trinity Hospice as an alternative to them sending floral tributes in memory of a loved one.

If you choose to support the hospice in this way we can provide you with some special envelopes for the funeral. To request these please call the Fundraising Team on 01253 359362 or email

There are many other ways in which people can make in memory donations, both online and off line and our Fundraising Team on here to help, as well as your funeral director who will also be able to advise you.

We are all eternally grateful for everything Trinity Hospice did when we needed it most. It only seemed right that we asked Mum’s friends and family to leave donations for the hospice at her funeral, and we are so proud that through her we can help Trinity to reach others in need of its amazing, peaceful and beautiful care.Lois and family

Lois and her family

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