Gifts of Care don't just make for unique presents; they help support local hospice care.

Give a gift to your friends and loved ones that really makes a difference to Trinity.


What are Gifts of Care?

Gifts of Care are a thoughtful alternative to physical presents and a wonderful idea for special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas presents.

On buying a Gift, you'll be making a donation to Trinity Hospice and in turn, supporting our vital, expert services that we provide to thousands of people across the Fylde coast.

Buying a Gift of Care would make a huge difference to our hospice and the people in our care. It could provide nutritious meals to patients on our In-patient Unit, for example, or allow us to run a bereavement counselling session at our Linden Centre. It could even allow our nurses to visit a patient and their family in their home during the middle of the night when other services aren't available.

How do Gifts of Care work?

Buying a Gift of Care couldn't be easier!

  • Simply complete this form* and choose from one of seven Gifts of Care.
  • We'll then send you a gift card which you can give to your chosen recipient.
  • The money you've donated through Gifts of Care will come to Trinity Hospice and help us to support even more people across the Fylde coast, in many life-changing ways.