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The Linden Centre provides counselling and support to adults, children and young people living in Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre who have, or are caring for, someone with a life-limiting health condition, or are bereaved. Some of our services are unique – Schools Link, for example, which trains local teachers to support pupils who are struggling to cope after a major loss.

We offer a compassionate and comfortable environment that gives adults and children the help they need – or points them towards another service, if what will help them best is outside our scope. We are an Organisational Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and work in accordance with its ethical framework.

How can we help?

We know some people are reluctant to ask for support, and others wonder how counselling or simply talking through a problem can possibly help them. But the anxiety of looking after someone who is very ill, or the grief at their death, can be hard to bear. A listening ear can make such a difference.

A counsellor can help people explore their feelings in a way that friends and relatives perhaps cannot; especially at a time of loss.

The Linden Centre takes self-referrals – you can just pick up the phone and ask for an appointment, email us or simply call in for more information. From your initial telephone contact or visit, we will arrange an assessment appointment. This session takes about an hour, and will explore your current situation, talk about how you are feeling, and explain what kind of support is available.

Our friendly staff will guide and advise you at each step, explaining what Trinity can provide and helping you choose the best available support. There’s no charge for any of our counselling services.

Anyone who feels anxious, overwhelmed or who is struggling to cope whilst caring for a terminally ill person, or after bereavement, can use the Linden Centre and will always receive a warm welcome

We have skilled and experienced therapists and counsellors. The small staff team at the Linden Centre is supplemented by volunteer receptionists and counsellors who have a natural vocation and give their time for free. Being part of a teaching organisation such as Trinity, we also have counsellors on placement who are working towards qualification. It all adds up to a great team!

As a local charity we rely on funding from the community, but do our best to keep our waiting list as short as possible. However, the demand on our service is very high, so you will probably have a wait before your assessment appointment, and before therapy can start.

Talking about death can be the elephant in the room

For more information on any of our counselling services

Telephone 01253 595552 or email trinity.linden.centre@nhs.net

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