The figure in the first painting is burdened, perhaps they have bad news and they may fear the future. It is a solitary figure, with the head bowed, dragging his or her feet, and perhaps reluctantly entering the care of Trinity. This lost person may be a patient, or one of their family or friends. They may not know where to turn and cannot see the way ahead.


In the second painting the figure holds out an inviting hand. There are many helping hands at Trinity, waiting to carry people forward, to care for their mind, body and spirit. It’s as if the figure is saying ‘come in, come to Trinity, a place of loving care, peace and solace. Let us look after you.’


The third painting has a figure with outstretched arms to signify balance, a sign of hope and strength in the middle of uncertainty and weakness. The staff and volunteers at Trinity hope to pass on their wisdom and understanding to patients, families and carers.


In the fourth painting the figure has its head inclined and holds out a cupped hand. Trinity is a place where staff and volunteers help patients, their families and carers on their emotional journey; they want to hear their personal stories and help them understand and accept the sometimes painful journey of life itself.

Dance of Life

The ‘Dance of Life’ has three separate figures, body, mind and spirit, who have come together to perform a splendid dance and celebration of existence itself – the journey we are all on. This painting is a sign of great hope that patients, their families and friends will find themselves cared for physically, mentally and emotionally. With Trinity’s support they will find greater acceptance and peace.


The next painting shows the figure with an uplifted head and outstretched arms, quite a contrast to the physical state of the lost figure at the start.


The dove in the final painting represents peace and hope.

Of course, every picture is open to interpretation - you might see another meaning there. We hosted a group of dance students who gave us their own version, set to music. We hope you take a few minutes to have a look at these unique images while you are at the hospice.