Spiritual needs

An individual’s spiritual and religious needs can be about exploring sources of hope and strength, engaging with love, family, friendship, being inspired by the outdoors, music or art. For many it is about the support of a faith community, practising personal beliefs or religious ritual.

Our Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy team routinely visits the In-patient Unit and is available to listen to the needs of all patients and their families. Our office is located next to the Chapel on the main corridor, and you are welcome to come and find one of the team here.

Our Chaplaincy support can include:

  • Offering personal prayer and confidential spiritual support
  • Facilitating the support of local faith communities
  • Bedside communion services
  • Blessings at the end of life
  • Help in discussing funerals
  • Helping to facilitate private services for families
  • Providing prayer or meditation resources for personal use

The Hospice Chapel

Our Chapel is located in the main reception area and is open at any time as a quiet space for personal reflection or prayer.  There are inspirational readings and prayer request slips available. A short service takes place in the Chapel at 2pm on various days. Anyone can come along; patients, family members, friends, staff and volunteers are all very welcome. Please check with the Hospice which day the service is being held ahead of your visit.

In the Chapel we have seven paintings collectively known as ‘The Dance’. To find out more about what each represents click here

Remembrance Services

We invite relatives and carers to an Evening of Remembrance, which is held quarterly in our Hospice and is a chance to give thanks and reflect upon the lives of those who have been cared for at Trinity.  The families of Brian House also gather each year for the Butterfly Service to give thanks for the work of Brian House and remember those we have cared for.