It costs more than £10 million to run all of Trinity's services, and many people are surprised to hear that most hospice care sits outside of the NHS.

While we do receive some money from the Government and the local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), we still need to raise more than £5 million each year to keep our doors open and our care completely free to reach all those who need us on the Fylde coast.

The only way we can meet that huge funding shortfall is through voluntary donations.

It’s a huge challenge – and a relentless one. We recognise that there are massive demands on all NHS services, and we are unlikely to get a sudden ‘windfall’ from central Government. That’s why our fundraising never stops, why our volunteers and supporters are so important to us, and why sometimes we just can’t invest in new equipment, or do some decorating – the day to day bills must be paid first!

It’s why we rely on our generous supporters, whether they’re  local organisations and businesses, individual fundraisers or groups of people who organise events for us, or all those thousands of people who take part in our own. We will never stop needing this support, so please click here to see what you can do to help us today for the future of hospice care on the Fylde coast.