The world doesn't stop for people who have a life-limiting illness - there are still everyday tasks that need to be done, and that's where our Hospice Neighbours can step in!

Who are our Hospice Neighbours?

Our Hospice Neighbours provide one-to-one companionship, offering support and friendship to people in their own homes. Our volunteers are a listening ear to all problems, help out with those everyday tasks which may have become a worry and can even accompany their 'neighbours' to appointments.

They can help to encourage someone who is socially isolated to attend local activities or groups, and give practical help where it's needed such as walking the dog or mowing the lawn; it's the little things that can make such a difference to a person who is poorly.

And it's not just one person who is helped by our Hospice Neighbours - they also offer valuable respite for a carer looking after someone with a serious illness.

Whether it's a helping hand or just a chat over a cup of tea - the little things can mean a lot to someone who is struggling to get out of the house.

Can anyone have a Hospice Neighbour?

You can be matched with a Hospice Neighbour if you are already receiving support from one of Trinity's services. Just speak to the person who is supporting you, whether they are based on the In-patient Unit, in our Day Therapy Unit, the Linden Centre or in the community.

They will refer you to our Hospice Neighbour team which will match you with an appropriate volunteer, taking into consideration your interests, availability and where you live.

Can I become a Hospice Neighbour?

Being a Volunteer Hospice Neighbour is a really rewarding role, and we would welcome anyone who would like to make a difference in this way.

Our Hospice Neighbours are matched to a person who needs their support, so why not get in touch to sign up to be one of our newest volunteers? If you would like to apply to become a Volunteer Hospice Neighbour, please click here.

Volunteering gives me a chance to make a difference to someone in my local community and I get a great sense of achievement knowing I can make someone's day.

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