Whatever your thoughts and fears are on death, Trinity almost spins them on their head. The nurses helped dad to laugh and smile for as long as he could. It really is a place like no other, and one which we will continue to support for as long as we are able.

When dad became really poorly, he knew it was time for him to go into the hospice, as he knew it was the best place for him.

We’d already received so much support from the Hospice at Home nurses, who were brilliant. We were calling them multiple times a night when he was at home and they were always there for us. For that, we’ll always be eternally grateful.

He was in the hospice for 10 days in total, and we’re so thankful for everything they did for him, as well as the support they provided to our family. The level of compassion, care and attention that they gave to dad blew us away, often going over and above to make sure he was comfortable.

Before he got ill, dad had promised to make a bar in the garage for him and mum to enjoy with friends and family. When he was diagnosed with cancer, this obviously didn’t happen. When dad passed away, I decided I’d give it a go, as it would give me some focus as well as providing a place where his friends and family to go to have a drink and remember him.

After a few months, the bar was complete, and mum and I then began kitting it out full of the things that my dad loved. We also put a Trinity collection tin in there to allow our friends and family to make a donation to the hospice.

Everyone has been so generous because they know what the hospice means to us, and how great the nurses were when we needed them.

My family appreciates how much Trinity needs its community’s support, which allows its amazing teams to guide you through the final days of life in the only way they know how; full of love, affection and bags of dignity.