Sue wrote her will using an online Will writing service provided through our Annual Will Month.

This is her story…

Updating my Will had been on my list of things to do for some time, but it was something I never seemed to get around to.

I saw Trinity Hospice’s partnership with Farewill advertised as part of their Will Month, and the idea of sorting it out online – in my own time in the comfort of my own home – really appealed to me.

Using Farewill was a really quick and straight-forward process. I’d definitely recommend it.

Because my Will was simple, I don’t think it took longer than 10 minutes to complete. And when I did have a question, I just popped them an email and they came straight back to me.

Their process addressed all my wishes – I even got to nominate someone to have my cats after I die!

Once it was complete, they sent me a copy to sign and have witnessed in the post, and once they received it back they sent it to me via email. I was even able to request a copy in the post, which I now have.

I chose to pay an annual cost of £10, so that if my circumstances change I can update my Will rather than write a new one. It’s a small cost for peace of mind and a fraction of what I would have paid with a high-street solicitor.

Knowing my wishes are taken care of means so much to me and my family. Thanks to Trinity Hospice and Farewill, my children won’t have any added worries and stresses when I’m gone.