Lymphoedema Awareness Week

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Lymphoedema Awareness Week 2023 takes place from March 6-10, launched with Lymphoedema Awareness Day.

Led by the British Lymphology Society (BLS), the aim of the campaign is to raise awareness and understanding of lymphoedema generally and enhance knowledge of the condition and its treatment in healthcare professionals in all settings.

Here at Trinity, our teams will be wearing odd socks to celebrate the campaign and spark a conversation, not only with patients but also with colleagues and other healthcare professionals on the importance of recognising symptoms and referring for proper care.

A focus on keeping active

The BLS says your lymphatic system needs movement, stretching and activity to remove the fluid and cells from your tissues that the body doesn't need. This doesn't have to be vigorous exercise, and actually the best way to help your lymphatic system is to have short, regular periods of activity that can easily fit into your daily life.

See BLS recommendations here. The Society also has a range of small movement exercises you can do in just three minutes as part of its Find 3 Challenge.

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Meet our Lymphoedema Team! From left to right: Joanna, Amy, Helen and Jackie

You can also find out more about Lymphoedema and our service here