Violet's story - Trinity Hospice

Violet’s story

Three year old Violet Crowther first came to Brian House when she was just a few months old and for Mum Sophie, Dad Jamie and big brother Kai, the hospice has become a massive part of their lives. Violet has complex problems following a traumatic birth. Resuscitated, brain cooled and then hospitalised for several weeks, Violet has multiple health problems which means there are few people able to look after her.

Sophie says: “I can’t just ask a friend or a babysitter to watch her because I can’t explain to them how to look after a child who can’t see, hear or move as any other child would. The only people who can step in are at Brian House, but when the word ‘hospice’ was first mentioned, we were scared. My grandma had passed away at Trinity and although I knew it was a lovely place, I only associated hospice with dying.

“We were told that Brian House could help us with respite care, which is important because when you have a very poorly child everything you do revolves around their needs. It can be hard to go places, hard to run a home or even to give Kai the attention he deserves. Violet has some day care and overnight respite care at Brian House and it makes a big difference to us as a family – I don’t know what we would do without it.”