Our Bucketeers - Trinity Hospice

Our Bucketeers

Patients in the Day Therapy Unit at Trinity are encouraged to write down the things they would love to do to make lasting memories for their families and friends. Many of these ‘bucket list’ items are simple requests, and the nursing, volunteer and fundraising teams try to make them happen – sometimes with a few added extras!

A small group of patients from the Day Therapy Unit enjoyed a trip on one of Blackpool’s classic trams, very kindly arranged for us by volunteers at the vintage tram service, and it was a wonderful way to see the Prom and make some memories. Our patients thoroughly enjoyed the trip, which was rounded off with afternoon tea back at the hospice.

Another of our ‘bucketeers’ recently enjoyed a meal out at a special restaurant; there have been spa days and even a day spent with family and friends in a beach hut. One lady got her wish to visit Blackpool Zoo and feed the giraffes, just a couple of weeks before she died.

The people who help make our bucketeers’ lists come true are a valued part of the Trinity team and we cannot thank them enough for their kindness.