Birthday Treat - Trinity Hospice

Birthday Treat

Adam, a patient in the Day Therapy Unit, was out walking with Joanna, Trinity’s Physiotherapist, when he mentioned it was his 35th birthday and he would love to see the latest Batman-Superman film. Joanna wasted no time in contacting Claire in the Volunteers’ office, hoping that a trip to the cinema could be arranged that day – Adam lives alone and his family are far away, so were unable to take him.

Claire rang volunteer Frank Williams who agreed that he and fellow volunteer Barbara would take him. The film started at 2.30 pm in Cleveleys and it was just after lunchtime when Claire rang, but the pair quickly organised themselves and arrived at Trinity to find Adam eagerly waiting and surprised that they were going to see the film with him.

At the cinema, after pointing out that Adam was a Trinity patient, the staff let him in free of charge and in the VIP seats. He couldn’t understand why he got VIP treatment, but after all it was his birthday! Although he was obviously feeling unwell he thoroughly enjoyed the film. He said he had been waiting for it for quite a while and hoped he would be able to see the next one. Back at Trinity a birthday cake had been made for him and the lovely nurses gathered round and sang “Happy Birthday”.