Visitors are very welcome at Trinity Hospice

We value the contributions of families and carers as partners in the care of our patients and the importance of visiting and spending time together with loved ones. This helps us with opportunities to share information and ideas, and to understand what matters to you and your loved ones whilst receiving our care.

We will always strive to do all we can to provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for our patients and their visitors.

We ask that visitors are considerate of the care needs and safety of all of our patients and help us keep our In-patient Unit as safe as possible for the people we are caring for, as well as our staff and other visitors.

Visiting hours are from 11am-8pm

We politely ask that you avoid visiting at mealtimes (12noon-1pm and 4.30pm-5.30pm) to enable your loved ones to have medications, eat they meals and rest.

Keeping everyone safe

Please remember that many of our patients are vulnerable to infectious diseases. Keeping them, our staff and other visitors safe is among our top priorities.

Please do not attend the hospice if you are Covid positive, or have any symptoms of infection that may be transmitted to patients and staff (including but not limited to cold & flu, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting).

  • All visitors to Trinity Hospice must wear a facemask or covering while moving around the hospice, visiting on the In-patient Unit or Courtyard, making sure it is worn correctly, fully covering the nose and mouth.
  • There may be occasions when you are required to wear additional personal protective equipment (PPE) such as aprons and gloves. This will be discussed with you prior to entry onto the In-patient Unit.
  • Please ensure your hands are washed carefully and use the alcohol hand rub that is available when entering the In-patient Unit and patient rooms, and after contact with other patients or staff.
  • We encourage regular ventilation of patient rooms to reduce the risk of winter viruses like colds and flu causing problems. Your support with ensuring that windows are open when able is appreciated.

Thank you for helping us always maintain safe Infection Prevention and Control measures

Staff should already be aware of all medication patients are taking, so please do not bring in additional items. You can discuss any concerns with nursing staff.

For information for Healthcare Professionals please click here