Beaverbrooks Fun Run - Terms and Conditions


Please read the following terms and conditions before entering. By entering onto the Beaverbrooks Fun Run you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.  



  1. Participants must submit an official registration form with the correct non-refundable registration fee.  
  2. All participants are advised to pre-register online as on the day sign-up may not be permitted.  
  3. The registration fee contributes to the cost of staging the event and includes your entry pack and fundraising materials. All other funds donated or raised in sponsorship go toward patient care provision at Trinity Hospice.  
  4. We expect the event to have over 2,000 participants with a number of under 16’s taking part, all of whom will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult, who has also registered for the event.  
  5. Transfer of places is not normally permitted. However if you are unable to attend the event after registering, and would like to transfer your place please email or call 01253 359362.  



  1. The race will start at 11:00am on Sunday 26th September 2021, with a finish time of 1:00pm. We reserve the right to adjust times if required and impose a cut off time, to allow the site to be cleared of participants, equipment and litter prior to the road closure ending. 
  2. The Fun Run is a timed event with each participant provided with a disposable timing chip to attach to their trainers. This chip will record runners accurate start and finish time for when they crossed the start and finish matt. 
  3. The event will be controlled by a number of marshals. For the safety of yourself, other participants and spectators, please abide by any instructions issued by the marshals. 
  4. If you are unable to complete the 10km route within the 2 hour time frame you must notify the nearest marshal and move onto the pavement. 



  1. Sponsor forms are included in your entry pack and must be returned as soon as possible after the event, along with all the lovely funds you have raised.  
  2. We encourage participants to raise sponsorship via an online sponsor form which can be set up at or by setting up a Facebook Fundraiser at     
  3. Please ask all those who sponsor you to tick the Gift Aid box where applicable, so we can make their donation go 25% further for our patients.  
  4. We ask that all sponsorship and donations are returned to Trinity Hospice by 31st  October 2021. By doing so, Trinity Hospice can make sure that we are on target to achieve best possible care to those who need it. You can return your funds via cheque made payable to “Trinity Hospice”, along with your sponsorship form to Trinity Hospice, Low Moor Road, Blackpool, FY2 0BG.  
  5. All funds raised by your participation in events in support of Trinity Hospice are raised for the sole purpose and benefit of Trinity Hospice (registered charity no. 511009) and those who receive the support from its services.  
  6. Please note that charity collection buckets are not permitted on the route without the relevant licences.   



  1. Prior to the event, each participant will receive an individual participant number. Please ensure you complete the contact information on the reverse and wear this number to the event. All participants must be accounted for throughout the route. These numbers are unique to you and therefore must not be swapped with other participants. 
  2. For your safety and enjoyment of the event, we ask that you follow and adhere to the instructions given by the event organisers and event marshals. 
  3. If you are unable to complete the 10km route in full, you must inform an event marshal that you are unable to continue and hand in your participant number. First Aid assistance can be sought if required. 
  4. No dogs are allowed on the course at any time. 
  5. The Beaverbrooks Blackpool 10k Fun Run involves a level of sustained physical activity. Participants make the decision to take part and must be satisfied that this activity is suitable for them as individuals. Neither Trinity Hospice nor its affiliates can be held accountable for aggravation to illness or injury sustained due to participation in this activity. Participants are recommended to seek advice from their medical practitioner prior to taking part in this event, and make provisions to ensure their safe participation. 
  6. We strongly advise that all participants wear appropriate footwear and clothing to ensure their safe and enjoyable participation. 
  7. Participants are asked to come equipped with whatever necessary clothing, medication and nourishment is required to enable enjoyable and safe participation in this activity. 
  8. We aim to ensure the commencement of the event, however, should a decision be necessary to postpone or cancel the event, participants are encouraged to look out for updates via Trinity Hospice social media channels. 
  9. Should alterations to the planned activity be necessary to ensure safety of our participants, we will give prior notice either before the event or on arrival to the event of any alterations made. 
  10. Alcohol is not permitted at the event. Trinity Hospice reserves the right to disqualify anyone who is under the influence of alcohol, whether consumed prior to commencement or during the event. This is done in order to prevent risk to the safety and enjoyment of yourself and others. 
  11. By taking part, all participants confirm that they are happy for their names and any footage or photographs taken during the event to be used to publicise or report on the event and Trinity Hospice generally. Should special dispensation be required, it is the responsibility of the participants to inform Trinity Hospice of such requirements. 
  12. Due to health and safety reasons and in the interest of all participants earphones or any personal music devices that could prevent runners hearing or listening to instructions throughout the run are not permitted. 

COVID – 19  

  1. To ensure a COVID-secure event environment for all our participants, staff and volunteers. We STRONGLY advise ALL attendees to test before attending the event ensuring a ‘Negative’ (Covid-19) Rapid Lateral Flow test result within 24 hours of attending the event.
  2. Participants can order their FREE packs of rapid lateral flow tests to be sent to your home via this link: Order coronavirus (COVID-19) rapid lateral flow tests - GOV.UK (
  3. We ask for ALL attendees to obtain and carry proof of a ‘Negative’ (Covid-19) Rapid Lateral Flow test whilst attending the event.
  4. To obtain proof of a ‘Negative’ (Covid-19) Rapid Lateral Flow test you must report your test result via this link: Report a COVID-19 rapid lateral flow test result - GOV.UK ( to receive an official NHS COVID-19 Notification text message or email as proof of a ‘Negative’(Covid-19) Rapid Lateral Flow test result.
  5. Trinity Hospice commits to delivering a COVID-Secure Event Environment; implementing all reasonably practicable measures to keep participants, staff and volunteers safe.
  6. Specific COVID-19 safety instructions will be issued to all participants prior to the event via email.
  7. Participants must ensure they are following current UK government guidelines during the event in respects to COVID-19.
  8. Participants should NOT attend the event if they are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or are required to Self-Isolate for any reason under NHS guidance: When to self-isolate and what to do - Coronavirus (COVID-19) - NHS (
  9. Trinity Hospice reserves the right to cancel or postpone the event due to circumstances out of our control in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  10. Should the 2021 Beaverbrooks Fun Run be postponed or cancelled; participants will be transferred to the new event date.
  11. The Beaverbrooks 10k Fun Run will take place only if Government and local Covid-19 restrictions allow.
  12. Entries are open in the anticipation that by the event date, Covid-19 restrictions will have been reduced to allow the event to proceed as anticipated.


Trinity Hospice reserves the right to update its terms and conditions in relation to the Beaverbrooks Fun Run at any time prior to the event. 


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