3-course dinner followed by an after-dinner presentation from Robin Horsfall including a Q&A session and book signing.

Robin has led an amazing life. During his talks, attendees will discover fascinating stories from his extensive military career and how they relate to his underlying theme of overcoming adversity.

He was a boy soldier at fifteen, a paratrooper at seventeen and an SAS soldier at twenty-one. He fought in five wars as a front line soldier, was a Royal Marine Sniper and a top bodyguard. He was also one of the UK’s first Paramedics and ran clinics all over the world.

Robin was a member of the SAS counter-terrorist team that assaulted the Iranian Embassy in London in 1980, helping to rescue the nineteen hostages who had been held for six days.

He shares details on the SAS selection process, SAS operations Banner, Nimrod and Mikado in the 1980’s and aims to inspire people to change their direction and take control of their lives.


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