Hospice Heroes Appeal - Trinity Hospice

Hospice Heroes Appeal

October 8, 2014 | 192 words | 00:47 reading time

At Trinity Hospice and Brian House, we recently completed a huge improvement project to ensure that all our patients have the comfort, dignity and privacy they deserve.


You helped us to build a better Trinity

We secured some funding from the Department of Health, but to do everything we wanted to, we needed more. That’s why we joined forces with The Gazette to launch our Capital Appeal. In less than a year we raised an amazing £266,000!

You made such a difference!

The care offered by Trinity Hospice and Brian House is outstanding, but some of our facilities were approaching 30 years old. Our Capital Appeal and Hospice Heroes meant we could:

  1. Create more en-suite single rooms on the In-patient unit
  2. Allow more family members to stay overnight
  3. Replace draughty, 20 year old window frames
  4. Develop better and more spacious bathrooms and showers
  5. Modernise lighting and improve the environment for patients with Dementia
  6. Improve and expand the Bereavement Suite
  7. Install a new kitchen and new bedroom fittings for Brian House
  8. Create a better play space for all our children from babies to teens

Our supporters are our HEROES.

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