Amanda is manager of our shop on Central Drive, but volunteers her time to help at our events.

I’ve been volunteering at Trinity’s events for as long as I have worked here – that’s 14 years.

At first I did them on my own, but then I met my partner, Brian, and now he does it with me. And what do we get out of it? Achievement. Satisfaction. A lot of joy. So many things.

I think sometimes a hospice has such a sigma of sadness, but going to these events there is nothing but happiness. You get to see all these people taking part and having fun – sometimes because they’ve lost someone with us, but always to help raise vital funds

I help out at as many events as I can through the year, and I so look forward to each and every one of them. I just love getting dressed up with the wigs and sparkly glasses, but most of all I love watching these people right from the beginning, when they’re coming over to buy their merchandise, to taking part in the warm up, to setting of. And of course at the end, when they are so happy to have completed the event and supported their local hospice.

Sometimes I am privileged enough to hear their story; why they are taking part and what Trinity means to them. It was only recently, at Night Run, I got speaking to someone and their story really hit me. It was incredible.

The amazing Events Team in Fundraising always needs volunteers to help out at their events, and after over a year without any events, they need us now, more than ever to get people back to supporting their local hospice.

Join in the incredible fun. If you’re worried or nervous, come with me. You’ll see how it lifts you. Volunteering like this is just so inspiring, and there are so many roles that you could do. Give it try, I’m sure you’ll love it!

Click here to join Amanda and volunteer at one of our upcoming events