Blackpool Colour Run - Frequently Asked Questions

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Trinity Hospice commits to delivering a COVID-Secure Event Environment; implementing all reasonably practicable measures to keep participants, staff and volunteers safe. We are continuously monitoring the situation with regards to Covid-19 in the lead up to the event.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

If you have any questions; please email

The event will start on Saturday 14th August at 11am. The Colour Run will start at 12noon. We’ll have music welcoming you back to the finish, so expect a party and more chances to chuck paint about after the race!

Aside from entry to the BIGGEST AND BEST Colour Run event in our local area, you’ll be welcomed to the event by thumping music and treated to a fantastic warm up to get you ready for the main event. You’ll then pound the sand and get set upon by the Blackpool Colour Run Squad at powdered paint stations creating a blur of colour.  After the event, the music will continue, combining the tunes with more paint releases!

You’ll also receive an entry pack, which will include:

  • Pouch of powdered paint (available to collect on the day)
  • Sponsorship form
  • Participant number

The entry fee largely pays for us to stage Blackpool Colour Run, so we’re relying on you guys to raise heaps of donations or sponsorship money, which will go directly to patient care!

Following booking, we’ll post your entry pack out to you nearer the event date.

No!  If you want to walk, then that’s great.  If you want to dance, that’s fine too.  Just make sure you get round the Blackpool Colour Run course before the tide comes back in.

Absolutely – we need people to cheer on their friends and family, and take some amazing photographs of the explosions of colour!  Make sure you take a photo of your friends looking spick and span before the event and then afterwards, looking like a walking rainbow.  Just share your photos with us on the day and use #blackpoolcolourrun.

On arrival at the event site; spectators will be required to scan the event NHS QR code poster which will be displayed at the event using the NHS Test and Trace app. This is to help trace and stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Of course!  We don’t want to deny anyone the joy of a coloured paint shower, but we strongly recommend that parents use their own judgement.  You may have a five year old that would absolutely love the chaos of the day, but an 11 year old who would shy away.  Just think about having a fun day and take care of each other.

We’re going to have to be firm on this one and say no.  We welcome dogs at some of our other events, such as the Santa Dash, but unfortunately, animals and powdered paint do not mix.  Add in a few hundred participants, loud music and the heat of the day and your pooch may be wishing he was somewhere else!  Please leave Spot the dog at home, where he’ll be safe.

Please note that the beach is a public place and there will be dog walkers unconnected to the event who may have their dogs off the lead.  Our marshals will advise these folks to keep their dogs on a lead and keep clear of the course for their own safety.

We’d recommend wearing a plain white t-shirt to show off the powdered paint like a badge of honour!  Although the paint is a harmless product, it can stain clothing if mixed with water (or if it’s a hot day and you sweat!).  Compare it to eating beetroot whilst wearing a white shirt… colourful food + white clothing = wash it quick!

Why not check out our charity shops for a white t-shirt?  You could even customise it for the event and create a bespoke outfit for the day.  If you do want to preserve the colour on your t-shirt, apply a fine mist of spray clothing adhesive or vinegar to your t-shirt the day before, iron and let it dry.  That should help fix the colour.  The same goes for your leggings and trainers.

If you’re anything like us, you’re not going to want to take off your t-shirt all day!  But you’re going to want to change at some point before bed.  Consider bringing a change of clothes with you, particularly if someone is giving you a lift home in their spotlessly clean car.

We’ll be selling merchandise on the day of the Blackpool Colour Run, including tutus and visors, to help you look the part and make your photos look AMAZING!

Darker haired folks won’t have a problem, but if you are very fair, the coloured paint may stain your hair temporarily.  It will wash out, so don’t worry!  Consider leaving in conditioner or covering your hair for the event, if that would give you peace of mind.  Failing that, just wash, rinse, wash, rinse, wash, rinse…

The ‘paint’ is actually natural corn starch, mixed with 0.5% fluorescent tint (5000mg/kg) in the paint pouches and food grade corn starch with less than 10% cosmetic grade colour in the paint station ‘paint’.

It can be inhaled in small quantities without adverse effects, but this event may be unsuitable for those who suffer from asthma.

If you’ve had reactions to powdered paint previously, we’d recommend a test patch at least 48 hours prior to the event, using your colour sachet provided as part of your entry pack.

Our Blackpool Colour Run Squad at each paint station will not throw paint into your face.  Powdered paint will be aimed into the air and at the torso and legs.  However, powdered paint will travel in clouds through the air, so we’d recommend wearing sunglasses, particularly if you wear contact lenses.  We’ve seen other participants use a bandana or scarf to cover their mouth too.

Organised public events of this scale can be overwhelming and the participants can get so caught up in the excitement of the day, which they forget about the practicalities of taking part.  We’re all about the excitement – it makes for a great day – we just want to make sure that you’ve thought about everything, from asking your folks for permission to attend, through to what to wear and how you’ll get there and back.  Once you’ve done that, all you need to think about is your profile picture from the finish line!

In addition to the free pouch of powdered paint included in the entry fee, we’ll also have extra powdered paint pouches available to buy on the day.  Use them pre-event for fabulous photos, during the event to colour your friends or after the event at the music festival.  There’s no excuse to not be colourful!

Of course you can.  We would love to see everyone’s before and after Blackpool Colour Run shots, from shiny clean white t-shirt to rainbow-tastic!  But just bear in mind that there will be clouds of powdered paint floating around, so your phone may pick up some colour.  Just pop your phone in a sealable plastic bag and avoid the headache of cleaning, but Trinity can’t take responsibility for any damage that occurs.

Nervous about bringing your phone?  We’ll have our own photographers attending the event, so you could leave your phone in your bag or at home.  We’ll put the best photos on Facebook after the event.

Not much can put us off ploughing ahead with Blackpool Colour Run.  So it might rain a bit – we can deal with that – we’re covered in paint anyway!  And we’re all used to our not-so-warm summers, so a cold day won’t deter us either.  However, we’d definitely think twice if the wind was getting a bit much and making the event unsafe.  Keep an eye on social media for updates nearer the date.

Parking is mainly limited to what you can find on the road in the local area.  For this reason (and to not inconvenience local residents), we’re asking everyone to consider public transport.  There are bus, train and tram links in the area.  You could sweet talk your folks into dropping you off or even cycle to Blackpool Colour Run.

Also, have a think about your journey home.  Powdered paint can be dusted off clothing for the most part, but you may still leave a trail of paint behind you, so cover those car seats!  Consider bringing a change of clothes – it’s just far less embarrassing than being hosed down at the side of the road.

If you’re bringing the family for a day at the beach, I’m sure your Gran or Auntie Freda will look after your stuff. Unfortunately there will not be any bag storage at the event this year. So if Gran and Auntie Freda are running Blackpool Colour Run with you, consider bringing with you only the essentials and using a backpack / bum bag that you don’t mind getting colourful.

Bottled water will be provided at the Finish line for participants.  If you would like to run the course with water/ cordial/ fresh juice, etc. just bring your own bottle with you.  We’ll also have a hot food caterer and ice cream van available to keep participants and spectators fed and watered throughout the event.

Yep!  We’re expecting full capacity, a fair few spectators and a lovely hot day, so we’ll need to stay hydrated

Afraid not.  We’re really putting the emphasis on fun for this one, so you’ll find people will stop to take photographs.  Maybe the kids will roll around in the sand to soak up more paint.  There will probably be spontaneous outbursts of dancing too.  We’re not out to break records for Blackpool Colour Run, we’re on a mission to paint the beach!

Registration will not be available on the day, therefore anyone wanting to take part will need to register in advance online before the form closes at midnight on Thursday 12th August.

Anyone who signs up between Monday 9th and Thursday 12th August will need to collect their pack(s) from the Information Point at the event itself. Entrants will have their pack(s) posted to them if they registered prior to 9th August.

With your entry fee covering the cost of the event, any additional donations or sponsorship will go directly towards care for families in our local community.

It’s easy to raise funds via It’s free to sign up, friends can donate online and it saves you collecting sponsorship.  Win win!

Once you’ve gathered up all the lovely funds you’ve raised, you could bank it all and then send us your sponsorship form a cheque made out to ‘Trinity Hospice’. Or you can pay sponsorship online using the ‘donate now’ button on our website. Please remember to put ‘Blackpool Colour Run’ in the reference and send us your sponsorship forms separately in the post. Either way, we can’t wait to see how much you manage to raise!  Just remember to ask everyone who’s eligible to Gift Aid their contribution – it would mean we get an extra 25% from the Government, just by ticking a box. How good is that?

If you have any questions we haven't answered, please contact the Fundraising team on 01253 359362 or email

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