Schwartz Rounds are taking place at Trinity Hospice

At Trinity we strive to deliver the very best in compassionate care to everyone who needs it across the Fylde coast.

But to be the best in delivering compassionate care, we must be compassionate to ourselves.

Working for a hospice, especially during the difficulties Covid-19 has thrown at us, is incredibly emotionally challenging.

Every single person working for Trinity is open to difficult emotional situations, though often those emotions are not always expressed and kept hidden while we continue with our duties. We are all human, and we are all vulnerable to falling apart. So in order to deliver that compassionate care we are so proud of, we have to keep in touch with our own humanity.

Schwartz Rounds provide a safe, confidential space where all staff – clinical and non-clinical – can come together regularly to discuss the emotional aspects of their work. The purpose of Schwartz Rounds is to understand the challenges and rewards that are intrinsic to providing our outstanding care, across all departments. They are not about solving problems or focussing on the clinical aspects of patient care.

The underlying premise of Schwartz Rounds is that the compassion shown by all staff can make all the difference to a patient’s experience of care, but that in order to provide compassionate care staff must feel supported in their work.

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