£50 Challenge FAQs

The concept behind our £50 Challenge could not be any simpler: we give you £50 and you try to turn this into even more money!

You could use your £50 to buy prizes for a raffle, for example. Or, you could use it to sign up to one of our events and then raise sponsorship for taking part. 

There are no rules or limitations when it comes to using your £50 (just keep it legal, please!)

Whatever you raise, you’ll help Trinity Hospice to provide vital care and support free of charge to those who need it across Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde. That might be in a patient's home, in a local care home, at the hospital or on our In Patient Unit.

Our care is provided around the clock, 365 days a year, and will continue to do so with your involvement in this year's £50 Challenge.

Any business, organisation or club- no matter how big or small- can take part in the Fylde coast £50 Challenge!

Over the years we've seen nationwide organisations take part as well as local, independent ones.


There are lots of benefits to taking part in our £50 Challenge:

  • Team building: if team building activities are part of your organisation's policy or ethos, this is a fantastic opportunity to tick the box! 
  • Engage your workforce: if you're a slightly larger business, our £50 Challenge is a chance to bring people together and work collaboratively; coming up with out of the box fundraising ideas and giving people from other departments the chance to interact. Similarly, this can be a great opportunity to spark conversation and gain support from customers and suppliers!
  • The title may have 'challenge' in, but this doesn't mean it's a hard slog! In fact, £50 Challenge is all about creativity, fun and making a difference! Everyone who's taken part since we started in 2013 has thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • With that in mind, one of the biggest benefits is that you'll be supporting Trinity Hospice and its life-changing services. 

The Fylde coast £50 Challenge officially begins on 1st May 2023. You then have 12 weeks (three months) to raise as much money as possible.

If you're reading this after 1st May but still think you want to join in, please contact Janet Atkins- event lead- on janet.atkins5@nhs.net

There is no set amount you have to raise, however the more the better!

Last year, our teams raised over £40,000- just incredible. And we're hoping that this year's participants can help take this total even higher.

We're so glad you want to take part in our 2023 £50 Challenge! Please complete our form here and one of the Fundraising Team will be in touch with what happens next and to discuss any questions you may have.

Good luck!

Have more questions about our £50 Challenge or ready to sign up? Complete our form and a member of the Fundraising Team will be in touch soon.