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Lesley's Story

I do as much as I can for the hospice. I throw myself into anything (work permitting) because of the incredible way they looked after my mum, and our family, back in 1997.

Mum was diagnosed the year before. She’d had kidney cancer which was treated and we thought that was the end of it. But in 1996 the found a brain tumour – secondary cancer. It was inoperable. All they could do was shrink it, but it was only a matter of time for her.

We all carried on as well as we could, but the following year she started to deteriorate. I was 21, working full-time, and I became her career, along with my brother and my elderly father.

In the May, we were offered respite at the hospice. It meant the chance to rest for me, my dad and my brother, knowing mum was being looked after. But it was more than that. She was so happy at Trinity, and they were absolutely phenomenal with my dad, as well as the rest of us.

A week later, she was home and I quickly started to get tired again. It was only weeks later than mum told me she was going back into Trinity to give me a rest. I was exhausted.

She went in on the Monday, and on the Wednesday they told us mum wasn’t doing well and didn’t have much time left. They talked about using a syringe driver and making her comfortable. I couldn’t understand it. She had just gone in to give me a rest because I was exhausted. Looking back now I can see it was her way of saying her time was up.

She died on the Friday.

The nurses were just fantastic. They let us stay with her for as long as we needed; we weren’t rushed or ushered out. And the support we had, especially my dad, was amazing.

I remember those nurses so well because of how they looked after us, with such kindness and compassion. We couldn’t have wished for a better passing for mum.

Ever since I’ve done the Memory Walk, Bubble Rush, Colour Run; anything I can to support such an incredible place.

But last year, when I signed up for Colour Run, I knew it would be a truly special way to remember mum, as well as my friend who had died in 2020.

I took part in my wedding dress! It’s a beautiful dress – perfect for our wedding in October 2021 (which we’d postponed twice because of Covid).

I’d already though about a ‘wreck the dress’ photoshoot, but when I saw Colour Run I knew it was the perfect opportunity to have some fun in memory of mum and my friend, while supporting the charity that’s so close to my heart.

Because I’ve done it before, I knew it would be a giggle and I would get covered in colour; it’s so much fun! As I was running, I could hear my mum’s voice saying ‘what ARE you doing?!’ and I knew both of them would be up there absolutely howling.

The dress looks absolutely amazing. It’s still all the colours of the rainbow and I’m planning a project with it. It just looks outstanding!

And I managed to raise £260 in sponsorship – I just can’t believe it.

Ways you can support Trinity Hospice

Raise sponsorship

There are lots of ways you can raise sponsorship and collect in money, both online and off. JustGiving is our recommended platform, but you can also set up a Facebook Fundraiser

Make a donation

We understand that not everyone wants to raise sponsorship. Instead, you might like to make a one-off donation of your choice to Trinity Hospice. 

Put 'fun' into fundraising

There are lots of creative ideas to raise funds. Think raffles, collection buckets in your workplace, bake sales and sweepstakes.