Blackpool Colour Run - FAQs

Blackpool Colour Run officially starts at 11am.

Participants are encouraged to arrive early (from 9.30am) though to use their free paint packet and enjoy the live entertainment. 

The event will finish around 2pm.

Aside from entry to the BIGGEST AND BEST Colour Run event in the area, you’ll be welcomed to the event by thumping music and treated to a fantastic warm up to get you ready for the main event. 

You’ll also receive an entry pack, which will include:

  • Pouch of powdered paint
  • Unique participant number
  • Bespoke 2024 medal

You don't have to run if you don't want to. If you'd prefer to jog, walk or even dance then you can!  

If your friends or family don't want to take part, they are still more than welcome to come and spectate. 

Don't forget to ask them to take some before and after photos, as well as some during the event itself.

Of course! We don’t want to deny anyone the joy of a coloured paint shower, but we strongly recommend that parents use their own judgement.  You may have a five year old that would absolutely love the chaos of the day, but an 11 year old who would shy away.  Just think about having a fun day and take care of each other.

We also sell goggles for little ones if you're worried about paint getting near their eyes. Click here to visit our shop.

Unfortunately, we have to say no on this one.

Whilst we welcome dogs at some of our other events, such as the Santa Dash, animals and powdered paint do not mix! Add in a few hundred participants, loud music and the heat of the day and your pooch may be wishing he was somewhere else!  Please leave Spot the dog at home, where he’ll be safe.

Please note that the beach is a public place and there will be dog walkers around who are unconnected to the event.  Our marshals will advise these folks to keep their dogs on a lead and keep clear of the course for their own safety.

We’d recommend wearing a plain white t-shirt to show off the powdered paint like a badge of honour!  

Tip: If you're keen to preserve the colour of the powder paint on your outfit, try applying a fine mist of clothing adhesive or vinegar to it the day before, iron and let it dry.  That should help fix the colour. 


We highly recommend bringing a change of clothes with you, particularly if someone is giving you a lift home in their spotlessly clean car or you're jumping on public transport. If you are driving, also consider lining your seats with towels and/or bin bags.

Please note that although the paint is a harmless product, it can stain clothing if mixed with water (or if it’s a hot day and you sweat), so we recommend wearing items that you're not precious about. The same goes for your trainers.

We’ll be selling lots of merchandise in the run up to Blackpool Colour Run, as well as on the day. Visit our shop to see what we have on offer.

Darker haired folks won’t have a problem, but if you are very fair, the coloured paint may stain your hair temporarily. It will wash out though, so don’t worry!  

For peace of mind, consider leaving in conditioner or covering your hair for the event. Failing that, just wash, rinse, wash, rinse, wash, rinse…

The ‘paint’ is actually natural corn starch, mixed with 0.5% fluorescent tint (5000mg/kg) in the paint pouches and food grade corn starch with less than 10% cosmetic grade colour in the paint station ‘paint’.

It can be inhaled in small quantities without adverse effects, but this event may be unsuitable for those who suffer from asthma.

If you’ve had reactions to powdered paint previously, we’d recommend a test patch at least 48 hours prior to the event, using your colour sachet provided as part of your entry pack.

If you register ahead of the event and received a participant pack, then you do not need to sign in. Instead, take your paint packet voucher(s) to the collection station from 9.30am.

We kindly ask that once you've collected your powder paint, you either take a look at our merch stand or make your way down to the beach to enjoy the entertainment and throw your powder paint.

We also ask that you complete the reverse side of your participant number and pin it to your outermost layer. If you can do this at home prior to the event, that would be great!

Our Blackpool Colour Run Squad at each paint station will not throw paint into your face.  Powdered paint will be aimed into the air and at the torso and legs.  However, powdered paint will travel in clouds through the air, so we’d recommend wearing sunglasses, particularly if you wear contact lenses.  We’ve seen other participants use a bandana or scarf to cover their mouth too.

Packs are sent out a few weeks before the event. When you sign up will depend on when you get yours.

Please keep this safe as you will need everything in it. 

If your pack hasn't arrived by the event day, please come to our Info Point so we can sort you a new one.

Each participant will be sent a free packet of powder paint as part of their entry. The more powder paint youy have though, the more colourful you'll be! You can buy extra pouches online ahead of the event, or on the day itself. Click here to visit our shop.

Of course you can! We would love to see everyone’s photos and videos, including before and after shots.

Just bear in mind that there will be powder paint being thrown in all directions, so your phone may pick up some colour! We strongly recommend putting your phone in a sealable plastic bag and avoid the headache of cleaning it. t 

If you're nervous about bringing your phone, ask friends or family not taking part to take some snaps of you. We’ll also have our own photographers attending the event, so you could leave your phone in your bag or at home. Please see our Q&A regarding our official photographs for more info.

As with all our events, there will be at least two volunteer photographers at this event. Members of our Fundraising Team will also be taking photos and capturing video.

Photos will then be shared in a public album on Facebook the week following the event, and linked to in the post-event email. Have a browse through and tag yourself and anyone else you know!

Please note that we don't receive all the photos from our volunteer photographers at the same time. If you think your pic was taken but don't see it online straight away, it might be because we don't have it yet. Please bear with us; we'll upload more as soon as we have them. Equally, the quality of the photo may be poor and the photographer may therefore decided not to share it. As a result, and to avoid disappointment, we strongly encourage participants to take their own photos, or ask one of our volunteers to take one for you!

The safety of our participants, staff, volunteers and crew is paramount to us. Whilst not much can put us off ploughing ahead with Blackpool Colour Run (a bit of cold or rain wouldn't get in the way), we do have to be conscious of the wind and storms as these make the event unsafe. 

Any major changes to an event will be communicated via social media, our Colour Run webpage and through emails. Please keep an eye on them leading up to and on the morning of the event.

There are bus, train and tram links close to where the event takes place.

Parking is available on nearby streets, however this is limited and we do ask you to keep residents in mind. If however you need to drive, please consider car sharing if you can or see if anyone is kind enough to drop you off and pick you up again later.

If you're unable to park or get a lift, there are pay and display carparks slightly further afield (Sandcastle Waterpark and Blackpool town centre) but which are close to the tram stop. The tram will take you to Starr Gate Beach where the event is taking place.

Also, have a think about your journey home.  Powdered paint can be dusted off clothing for the most part, but you may still leave a trail of paint behind you, so cover those car seats! Consider bringing a change of clothes – it’s just far less embarrassing than being hosed down at the side of the road.

Bag storage will be available at this event (£2 per bag). 

If you would prefer to keep your bag on you, we recommend a bum bag or drawstring backpack.

Bottled water will not be provided at the finish line for participants.  

If you would like to run the course with a drink, just bring your own bottle with you.  

We’ll also have a hot food caterer and ice cream van available to keep participants and spectators fed and watered throughout the event. These will be at a charge. Please bring change and/or your card.

Toilets will be available at the entrance of the beach/

This event is not timed. We’re really putting the emphasis on fun for this one, so you’ll find people will stop to take photographs.  Maybe the kids will roll around in the sand to soak up more paint.  There will probably be spontaneous outbursts of dancing too! We’re not out to break records for Blackpool Colour Run, we’re on a mission to paint the beach!

It is more than likely that we will offer on the day entry, but our events are VERY popular so we strongly suggest you sign up online.

This will also mean you get your participant pack ahead of the event, rather than coming to our Info Point on the day.

Your entry fee only covers the cost of the event. Any additional donations or sponsorship will go directly towards patient care and family support provided by our hospice.

Blackpool Colour Run supports Trinity Hospice, which is why we kindly ask all participants to either raise sponsorship or make a one-off donation. 

Your entry fee only covers the cost of putting on this event. 100% of sponsorship raised and donations made through Blackpool Colour Run will go towards patient care and family support services.

To find out more about fundraising, click here

To set up a JustGiving page now

To make a one-off donation of your choice, click here

If you've used JustGiving, you don't need to do anything! Your Blackpool Colour Run sponsorship page will close automatically after a few months and the funds will come directly to us.

If you've collected funds offline, there are a couple of ways to get it to us:

  • Bank it all and then send us a cheque made out to ‘Trinity Hospice’
  • Use our donation form on our website. Please remember to put ‘Blackpool Colour Run’ in the reference box and send us your sponsorship forms separately in the post.

Either way, we can’t wait to see how much you manage to raise!  Just remember to ask everyone who’s eligible to GiftAid their contribution – it would mean we get an extra 25% from the Government at no extra cost to the person, all by just by ticking a box. How good is that?

We understand that not everyone wants or is able to raise sponsorship, which is why offer you the chance to make a one-off donation instead.

You can do this here at any point

Organised public events of this scale can be overwhelming and the participants can get so caught up in the excitement of the day, which they forget about the practicalities of taking part.  We’re all about the excitement – it makes for a great day – we just want to make sure that you’ve thought about everything, from asking your folks for permission to attend, through to what to wear and how you’ll get there and back.  Once you’ve done that, all you need to think about is your profile picture from the finish line!

If you've signed up for Blackpool Colour Run but haven't been receiving emails, there's a chance you have unsubscribed from our mailing list at some point.

This means you will NOT receive any communications, as the system will not allow us to contact you.

If you think this may be you, not to worry. We can get you re-subscribed! Just drop us an email with your email address and full name.

If you have a question we haven't answered, please call the Fundraising team on 01253 359362 or contact us here