Nic's Story

My wonderful dad Karl died at home in August 2017.

I want to tell you why me and my family support Trinity Hospice, and why no matter what we do, it’ll never be enough to repay what Trinity has done for us.

When dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer, he was already at stage four!

We did chemo, but when the time came for treatment to stop he made one important decision. He decided he wanted to die at home.

We were supported by Trinity’s Hospice at Home team, who, I have to say, were absolute angels.

The nurses were there for us in our hour of need. They helped us to look after dad and gave us the confidence to be his carers, but, more importantly, they were there for us so we could be his family.

What they did for us meant that dad got what he wanted; he was able to die at home surrounded by us all.

It’s been a hard year, constantly thinking about how this time last year dad was with us. And with anniversaries and special days coming up we’ve got some sad days to come.

You never think it’s going to happen to you – certainly, I never would have thought two years ago there was a chance dad might not be here with us. But when it does happen to you or someone you love, at least Trinity is there to make it as comfortable as possible for everyone.

Thank you doesn’t go far enough. So I will do what I can to keep trying to give back just some of what Trinity gave to us.

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