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Mary's Story

By joining us for this year’s Beaverbrooks Blackpool Bike Ride, you are helping us to care for people like Mary.

Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and had surgery to remove the tumour and 30 lymph nodes.

After being cancer-free for almost four years, the cancer returned in her liver, kidneys and lungs and bones. Two months ago, Mary was admitted to hospital with bowel problems and a CT scan showed two lesions found near her spine.

Mary had an emergency operation to insert two metal plates to prevent the lesions compressing on her spinal cord, followed by five sessions of radiotherapy before she starts chemotherapy every three weeks.

While she was receiving treatment, a nurse asked Mary if she’d thought about the care she’d want to receive towards the end of her life.

She said: “I’d always known about the hospice, but it’s not something I’d thought about so I was keen to learn more.”

Mary visited Trinity and said she quickly made her mind up that the hospice would be where she spent her final days.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I felt totally comfortable there,” she said.

“I got a lovely feeling from the staff and the way they not just provide the care but how they speak to people. It was a lovely warm environment.”

Since visiting Trinity, Mary has attended the Linden Centre for counselling, formed new friendships at our Art Therapy Group and been supported through our Living Well Service. She is also receiving regular visits and phone calls from our Community Palliative Care Team.

“I’ve been supported so well by Trinity, and I know I will right to the end,” she says.

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Ways you can support Trinity Hospice

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We understand that not everyone wants to raise sponsorship. If you would still like to support Trinity Hospice though, you can make a one-off donation for an amount of your choice.

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