Gardening Support Volunteer

Location: Trinity Hospice, Bispham

Our volunteer gardeners help with Trinity’s gardening and grounds care as part of a team.

Main duties:

  • Supporting the other Gardening Support Volunteers in your joint delivery of the this role
  • General gardening tasks (e.g. planting, weeding, cutting back, potting, cuttings etc.)
  • Maintaining tidy garden areas and disposing of waste appropriately
  • Overseeing set or shared areas as agreed with other Gardening Support Volunteers and the Gardening Volunteer Team Leader

General responsibilities:

  • To ensure the confidentiality of all patient information in accordance with Hospice policy.
  • To comply with all Hospice Policies and Procedures.
  • To act always in a manner that will promote a good image of the Hospice.

Knowledge, skills and experience required:

  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Be empathic and caring
  • In good physical health
  • Experience and knowledge relating to planting schemes and the requirements of various plants, flowers, shrubs and their care (e.g. what can grow where/be planted with what; growth rate etc.) and an ability to plan schemes in advance for subsequent seasons would be advantageous but not essential as support is available from the team.

What we offer you:

  • Training and support to build new skills, additional training may be possible/required dependent on your role.
  • The opportunity to use your skills to complement our work
  • The chance to share your skills and experience with others
  • A chance to meet lots of new people
  • The opportunity of working as part of a team of dedicated staff and volunteers

Commitment needed:

  • A commitment is needed to attend regularly – at least once per week, ideally on a set day, though the regularity is more essential than the day itself. The area to be looked after will be agreed with the Gardening Volunteer Team Leader.

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