Your legacy means that we can continue to provide and grow our services to meet the needs of the local families who need our specialist care today, tomorrow and in the years to come.


I was surprised to learn that gifts in Wills pay for the care of 1 in 4 of our patients. As a nurse on our In-Patient unit I see first-hand how this thoughtful and lasting gift helps patients in our care and those close to them.

Writing or updating your will

Writing or updating your Will helps to ensure your final wishes are known and that your loved ones are looked after. It also gives you an opportunity to support charities close to your heart.

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Find a Solicitor

If you're looking to write or update your Will we would always recommend using a solicitor, to ensure all the legal requirements are completed correctly. You can find solicitors close to you by using the following link to the Law Society's 'Find a Solicitor' facility:

Frequently asked questions

How a gift in your Will makes a difference to local hospice care

Gifts in Wills are absolutely vital to the care we provide; 1 out of every 4 patient’s care is paid for through these thoughtful gifts. These legacies mean that we can plan and build our services to reach more local people. A gift in your Will can help us ensure the future of Trinity Hospice’s care – the care we would all want for our loved ones and the care our community deserves.

A Will is a very important document that ensures those you care about are provided for after your death. Without a valid Will, a person’s is said to be ‘intestate’ and that can mean the specific wishes you may have for your family or loved ones are not carried out.

An experienced solicitor can ensure that your Will is valid; they can also help you make any changes you might wish to make to an existing Will.

Your beneficiaries will need to pay Inheritance Tax if your estate is over a certain value; in this case, 40% will be taken from the portion of your estate that is over the threshold. Gifts to charities are exempt from Inheritance Tax and the value of your estate is calculated after the value of gifts like charity donations are deducted. For more information, please visit the HMRC website

Each gift is special to us and ensures that we’re able to provide the very best care and support to those in need today and into the future.

- A specific gift

This type of gift is usually something like property or a specific item, such as an antique or piece of jewellery.

- A gift in trust or ‘life interest’

If you like, you can leave a gift for use over a specific period of time. After that time has passed, the gift could then be passed on to other recipients, such as a charity.

- A cash gift or ‘pecuniary gift’

This is when you leave a beneficiary an exact sum of money.

- A share of your estate or ‘residuary’ gift

After you’ve provided for your loved ones and taxes have been paid, you could leave a share, or the remainder of your estate, to Trinity Hospice. This means that your estate is passed on to those you care about as well as supporting hospice care into the future.

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