If I was coming towards the end of my life, I would want to be cared for with the love and respect the wonderful people at Trinity give each person they meet. That's why I've included a gift in my Will for the hospice Marie, Hospice Volunteer


My husband David and I lived all around England, but Blackpool is my home now and has been for 20 years. When David died, he didn’t suffer – he was one of the lucky ones in some ways, he was never ill.

Funnily enough, the first I knew about Trinity Hospice was making friends with the Matron – I’ve no family here, but they threw me into their circle of friends. So when a job at Trinity came up that needed doing, she said, ‘I know someone who can help!’

It could be packing goody bags for the Colour Splash, serving refreshments at the Summer Fayre or helping with the lottery – whatever they need me to do, I’m there. To me, it’s very important because all the pounds we volunteers raise help to pay for the care Trinity provides. Every event I attend, I meet families whose loved one was cared for here – and they only have wonderful things to say. The nurses – everyone at Trinity really – look after local people, making them feel comfortable, secure and safe.

I’m not good with words – but I know if I was coming towards the end of my life I would choose to be in Trinity Hospice and know that I would get that care and love. That’s why, in addition to volunteering, I’ve included a gift in my Will for Trinity. Without the money that people leave in their Wills, Trinity simply wouldn’t be able to give all the care that it does now. Blackpool and the Fylde Coast need Trinity – because it’s a special place that gives local people the support and comfort they deserve in their final days.